What we do

Staff secondment

You wish to automate your business processes, but you lack the required personnel capacity to do so. That’s the moment when you might want to hire some extra, temporary, staff.

Astecom Business Software posts its employees in enterprises where the software development department temporarily needs extra help.
Our employees are trained professionals and have higher education working- and thinking level.

If we are, for whatever reason, not capable of arranging secondment from our own company, we will select the right staff from our external network.

You will pay an hourly rate depending on the agreed period of secondment.

Training courses

Do you develop software with PxPlus, and do you want your employees to make better use of all of the benefits of PxPlus? Do you want to change your software into a graphical application, but your programmers never worked with Nomads before?

At Astecom Business Software we offer several training courses for starting, as well as experienced, PxPlus programmers.

Whether you need a refreshment course for a day, or a longer term course, we have it all covered.

Astecom has been a certified learning company since 2006. Multiple students and trainees have successfully completed their internships and training courses with us.


Are you having trouble with one of our products? When you need help with our software, our expert employees will be ready for you every workday from 07:00 till 18:00 hours (GMT+1).

It is also possible to sign a SLA service agreement with us.

We can also migrate your existing data to your PxPlus application and we are open to suggestions for adjustments or new functionalities for our products.


Do you work with an older application that works great but looks a little rusty? Our developers can redesign your existing PxPlus application, while keeping all existing functionalities in place.
We also have the knowledge to rebuilt your character based applications in a way that they can be used with graphical screens. This way your application can be used for years to follow.

Give us a call and we can discuss the possibilities.

Turnkey solutions

You’re not looking for a custom built application, but you need a turnkey IT solution. We at Astecom Business Software offer a range of pre-built software modules, that can be used by your organisation.

These include, but are not limited to, the following software:

  • Finast Financial Software
  • Project administration management
  • Document management
  • Error message logging
  • File mutation logging
  • SEPA file creation

Give us a call and we can discuss the opportunities with you.

Customized applications

You wish to change your business processes but your software is getting in the way?

Astecom Business Software has more than 25 years of experience in creating customized applications in ProvideX / PxPlus. Whether it concerns smaller of bigger projects, we offer a proper solution for any situation.

It is also possible for us to change your current ProvideX / PxPlus applications.

We have a diverse portfolio of successfully completed software projects which are used on a daily basis.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the opportunities.