MRS (Multimedia Rental Software)

Multimedia Rental Software (MRS) is customized software, focussed on the rental of media en sound equipment in shops and catering places

Composed articles

Articles, composed articles and services can be maintained with MRS. You have the possibility to enter more than one supplier per article, from which the prices may differ. Every article may have a unique serial number, which makes it insightful where the article is, which employee built it and which subscription and maintenance contracts are connected to this article.

It is possible to use a default composition of articles. While making this composed article it will be checked if the right articles are being used. One can indicate that within the composition one has a choice between for example two different articles and that one of the two must be used.


Deliveries can be made with the registered articles. When the goods arrive they can be booked into the system. This can be done with a scanner. The serial number and/or barcode can be scanned and booked automatically.
Besides that it is possible to request an overview of the warehouses. On which the amount of articles is shown. One can set here the maximum and minimum stock in a specific warehouse. These data are used while making the delivery advice.


Debtors can be registered in a maintaining program. Here one can see which mailings they receive, which subscriptions and/or contracts are made and how much deposit they paid for the rented articles. Also one can see the potentially bought software licences and which possibilities there are available within this software. It is always possible to connect documents like emails and scanned documents to the debtor. Or to connect appointments/agreements with the debtors, through for example an RMA request. These requests can be connected to an employee and while logging in to MVS the reports of these appointments are shown.


It is possible to make orders for debtors. An offer can be made and direct billing can be done. Than a work order is made. After these are signed they will be scanned per mass. During the scanning the work orders are read by MVS and connected tot he right debtor, and the work orders are directly availabe on the document screen of the debtor.
The billing programm is very extensive. One can precisely set which clients should receive invoices and which subcriptions/services must be included. Through the realisation of a Sepa file automatic collections can be arranged.