Panel software

Astecom Business software has a customized panel for software made for a major service provider in the healthcare sector.
The essence here is the acceptance and handling of death notifications by telephone. The telephonist sees a number on the screen that corresponds with a client number. Before the telephone is answered the telephonist can look in to the client data, and so the conversation can be handled correctly.

Client specific acceptance screen

There are different type of clients, for example hospitals, undertakers ,crematoria/cemeteries or the police. Every client has a different acceptance screen, while different kind of data needs to be noted. The different possibilities and the data which has to be registered are to be set per client through the panel software.

Direct connection with employee time schedules

Employee scheduling

When the telephonist has registered the notification one of the staff on duty needs to be called. On the planning screen one can see per day which appointments there are for that particular day and which employees are available. New appointments can be scheduled in on the time the client wants. At all times the original information about the first notification can be looked into.

Inform the employee

With one press on the button this employee can be called or informed by sms so he or she is informed immediately. One can also send an sms to a whole group at the same time. This sms server is built by Astecom Business Software.

Opportunity to online schedule filling

A connection has been built with the online schedule application. This application is made by Astecom Websites. The employee schedules are filled in on line and are communicated through the panel software. This communication is online 24 hours a day, to be able to synchronize the schedules

Always in control

The supervisor has a control screen, on which all notifications are shown in different colours. The supervisors can also see all the changes of these notifications. It is possible to print the statistics of the notifications, than you can see all incoming calls, how long the call lasted and how long people have been waiting on hold.
Per day the reports of the received messages are sent to the client concerned.