GSA (Gielissen Stand Admin)

Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions is the specialist concerning interiors, fairs and exhibitions. Founded in 1937 and since than this company grew to the market leader in the Netherlands. Internationally seen they joined the top of the field. From 13 branches spread over 7 countries they daily work on interior projects, exhibition presentations, events, congresses and exhibitions & event services. A wide variety of projects as well as in shape, as in size, for (inter)national principals and on locations all over the world.

Custom software specially developped for exhibitions

To organize and decorate a complete exhibition a lot of work has to be done, to take care that every exhibition stand is completely equipped on the opening day. Gielissen offers exhibitors customized stand building as well as universal stands next to floor carpet and furniture. The exhibitor also orders through Giellissen the electricity, internet and water supply for specific exhibitions.
GSA (Gielissen Stand Admin) software package is customized software and offers the possibility to connect orders to a customer base. Through GSA it is possible to maintain products but also to register composed products, so called packages. These products are during the order process being connected to the number of the stand and the exhibitor. Therefore it is directly insightful what has to be delivered and where on the exhibition floor.

Customizable webshop

Thanks to GSA it is possible to generate all orders as purchase orders. Whether the products are in a composed package or are ordered separately. The orders will be registered by the exhibitors in the GOEM Gielissen Online Exhibitors Manual. GOEM is developed by Astecom Websites and contains for example a web shop module where exhibitors can order products and packages. Through GSA a selection can be made in which period this web shop is online and in which period the products can be ordered. This division from GOEM can be adjusted through GSA, in this way it is perfectly connected from time to time on any exhibition. Through GOEM it is also possible to order graphic material, like fries texts (texts on stalls and banners). From GOEM examples will be sent to the exhibitor for a last check and approval. Than with the help of GSA the graphic material will be connected with the exhibitor.

Software on the exhibition floor

Also during the building of the exhibition GSA is being used. This system makes it possible to controle on the spot all data and orders of the exhibitors. Potentially it is possible to enter last-minute orders( yes or no against a raised price). Employees of Gielissen will help the exhibitor on the spot through servicedesks which communicate with each other through GSA. This way an order can be registered through the servicedesk direct and sent to the paydesk, which enables the exhibitor to setlle the payment at the same time.

All figures insightful

Another advantage of GSA that you can retrieve with a various amount of overviews, before , during as well as after the exhibition or congress, financial data from GSA. Therefore one has a quick insight in the costs and profits.