Funeral & Care software

Funeral & Care Software (FCS) is customized software and commissioned by the client.
FCS is made for a group of companies that commit themselves to the care at the death of people.


The core of FCS is the registered services and articles. One can indicate what are the tariffs/prices per service/article and which tax percentage needs to be used. Per service can be indicated for which of the companies the billing should be done.


Customers are registered through a maintaining program. One can give a discount per service, per client. Also different kind of discounts can be given and automatic billing through the mail is possible.


Within the order entry the different services are booked. Here the starting- and end-working hours of the employees are registered and who performed the service. When for example two services are booked on one order from two different companies, two invoices will be made.


The schedules are made with the software of the Panel software from Astecom Business Software.
The overview of the payroll is being composed with the schedules and registered working hours from the orders. The overview also shows the amount of kilometres made, the working hours and possible extra fees. The salary specifications can be published on the website.


Within FCS you have the opportunity to make a course. One can enter for example the description, the tax code, dates and times of the course and the tariff. Also one can enter the place and name of the teacher. Than the students will be connected to the course.


On the student screen the information about the student is registered. The personal information as well as the company they work for. One can see immediately what other courses the student is following and what the results are from the completed courses. A complex document storage system is built on the student screen. One can store documents, emails, invoices and add new documents with just one push on the button.

Automatically creating orders

The user has the opportunity to create invoices automatically from all the courses from and till a specific date. Ofcourse it is possible to make an invoice, separately for an individual course also. It can be invoiced to students, employers or other adresses.


It is possible to create emails through Microsoft Word or email. Specific target groups can be mailed, for example groups filtered on courses and teachers/students. The settings of the personal mailing lists from these specific persons is taken into account. One can filter on dates from/to, to be able to search for students who followed a course 3 years ago and are eligible for further courses.