Finast is bookkeeping software and is being used by several big companies to maintain their administration and keep it in order.

Bookings within Finast

The core of Finast is the input of bookings. The bookings are being separated in cash, bank, purchase, sale and memorial bookings. The determination of the booking number can be made by hand or automatic.
Also a booking number range can be set per diary and per year. While making the entry the journal lines are made automatic and invoices automatically updated when a payment is being booked.
It is possible to scan in documents and connect them to a booking number.

From most of the overviews in Finast it is possible to call individual bookings, which determine total figures. It is also possible to adjust these bookings, so that the results on the opened overview are being adjusted immediately. Bookings that are not in balance, are balanced by Finast automatically and temporarily.

Overarching ledger schedule

Finast works with an overarching ledger schedule, in which one can set which ledger accounts per administration are active/being used. Therefore ledger accounts can easily and quick be added in an existing administration. Within a glance one can see which administrations use the available ledger accounts.

Setting reminders, debt collections and payments

In Finast it is possible to set the display of reminder letters and debt collecting/ payment specifications. The document can be adjusted in a way that it can be printed correctly on writing paper if necessary and while adjusting one can see how the document will look in real time. These settings can be specified in the availabe language and the standard settings can differ per administration.

Debtors and Creditors

Debtors and creditors are being maintained in Finast. Automatic debtor collections( for debtors) and automatic payments (for creditors) are being made in Finast and processed immediately in the administration.
Advance payments can easily be processed through the balancing program for debtors and creditors. It is possible to approve a purchase invoice by hand so that the payment is only being done when the responsible person within the company has given his or her approval.