FavorIT Wholesale Software

FavorIT is customized software and is being used in a wholesale company in advertising products and relation gifts.
The software is being used to maintain, print and sell advertising products. The sale of these products is done by telephone and the internet, and so the online web shop is connected to the software application.

Debtors and Creditors

Debtors and creditors can be easily registered in FavorIT. Several addresses can be awarded, for example mail or invoice address. One can also create credit limit for debtors, so that it is possible that nothing will be delivered above a certain amount to a specific customer.

Extended product database

Articles can be entered in FavorIT, and also complex packages. An article can have different compositions, when there are for example different colours and/or shapes.

Automatic refill of stock

A prognosis can be shown of the expected number of sold articles, based on figures from previous years so that an order advice can be generated. With the order advice It is taken into account that there are different delivery times and that orderable numbers are generated. The costs of transportation is being calculated into the sale price. The prognosis and order advice can be adjusted by hand.

Warehouse locations

When an article arrives at location FavorIT will propose in which warehouse it can be placed. The warehouse is divided in full boxes and separate articles. When the separate articles are almost finished, a walk order is made to refill the supply.
When a placed order must be sent, the right number of articles will be transported on a roller track direct to the transport truck.
It is possible that some articles must be printed upon first. A digital try out print will be made and sent automatic to the customer. After approval the articles will be sent to the printing office before they will go into the truck.

Always the actual article status

The status of the article is being maintained through a scanterminal. It is also possible to handle orders with voice-picking. The headset worn by the employee automatically sends information about which articles should be packed, and then the articles are being booked out of the system.