AANPAK is project software what has been developed for one of our bigger clients, who are specialized in designing, creating and maintaining underground telecommunication networks.

Projects explained in detail

The projects are being very centrally controlled. Within one program, data like hours, needed material, documents, costs of a third party and transfer states are connected to a project. The working hours of own employees and the hours made by third parties, are registered separately in AANPAK and shown in the project. Therefore one can see immediately the expected costs and benefits of a project. The projects that are not completely invoiced are registered as work in progress.

Extensive article-database

AANPAK is equipped with an inventory system. In this inventory system articles are being registered and connected to warehouses. One can operate with minimum or maximum stock per warehouse. The actual stock can be queried or one can order new stock from the supplier. Also when for example transportation from materials between warehouses occurs, one will know which material is being transported in the truck.
The suppliers and the prices per article(per supplier)will be registered within AANPAK. Even so while ordering, the system takes into account the fact if the supplier can deliver the goods or/and if the supplier can deliver for the lowest price.

Being able to work with actual schedules

There are schedules specific for smaller and more jobs per day, per region, per town, per place, for employees to be set in the system. Employees can be scheduled into the system and several jobs can be connected to this one employee.

Effordless billing

The billing programs within AANPAK take care that the sold products/services can be charged effortlessly to the registered debtors in the system. When debtors are late in payments, a reminder can be sent to these debtors.
Purchase invoices can only be booked when there is a material order or a receipt from third party costs. This way one never pays to much and one has a double check.

All figures insightful

With a wide range of to be printed overviews all practical data from a project can be made insightful, so when needed an adjustment from a project can than lead to desired results.

Handy with other software

There is provided in a connection XML with Exact Globe, so double input work is avoided. Connections to other bookkeeping software can be made on demand.